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Weddings and the 2020 Pandemic with World Renown Bridal Designer, Michelle Roth

December 13, 2020

With three-generations of bridal gown designers ,Michelle Roth is one of the most celebrated gown creators based and featured at Kleinfeld in Manhattan.

Michelle Roth has been featured on Good Morning America, Say Yes to the Dress, The View, and Entertainment Tonight. Her American and International broadcasting portfolio includes podcasts such as Planet Bride and Next on Scene. Her gowns are also featured in leading online and print magazines and publications.

Michelle Roth is a go-to bridal gown resource who champions individuality and the beauty of the female silhouette. Her gowns now reflect emotions such as passion, romance, confidence, strength and intimacy as part of her new categorization which is fully reflected in her new collection.

Michelle is also launching her new accessories collection at her December 22-27 Trunk Show.

Michelle Roth gowns are featured on ( and gowns that she co-designs with her brother are on ( Born in Sydney Australia, and a resident in Manhattan for most of her life she has an Honors degree in Political Science from the University of Sydney and also worked at the Australian Consulate at the Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Michelle Roth personally embraces the incredible work at St.Mary’s Healthcare System for Children in Bayside, Queens.

Michelle Roth loves engaging on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest @michellerothbrides.