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What It Takes To Be An Author

Henry Weinreich, TV host, published author, presenter, and social enterprise activist. Founder and head designer Henry Roth Bridal NYC, featured in Good Morning America, Bravo, Say Yes To The Dress, E!, The View, starring in Project Runway Australia, Host Style Court on E!. Live from the RED Carpet. 60 Minutes Australia. Today Show Australia. 

Henry Weinreich’s Multimedia platform boasts a global reach. 

He hosts his podcast show Henry and Friends Live on YouTube.

His latest project The Stories I Told My Son™️ is a soon to be published Memoir epic from Author Henry Weinreich, capturing  the stories of eternal love, deep passion, and the bearing of souls between father and son.

How Social Media is Changing Mainstream Media with Award Winning Anchor

Today on the podcast we have Boston's Emmy Award Winning Anchor, Jackie Bruno.

We discuss how the world of social media is transforming mainstream media, what inspired her to become an anchor, parenthood and so much more!



Nutrition is confusing and right now people are trying all sorts of fad diets. It really can be simple with a few tricks

Lauren Martin helps people find their FIRE through strength, conditioning and nutrition so that they can build inner strength and confidence to better their life in every aspect!

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The Power of Perseverance and How TV and Public Relations are changing.

Today on the podcast we have the amazing Nicole Estaphan!
She is one inspiring journalist, writer, producer and talent for Chronicle on ABC!
We talk all about the Power of Perseverance, The way Television reaches their audience has changed so much and how to pitching to media is all in the details!

Dating and Relationships in 2022

Looking for advice when it comes to dating and relationships this 2022? Dr. Susan Trotter has got you covered!


With over 30 years experience , learn about some red flags, things to consider if you are single or in a relationship and so much more

The Expectation of having a Summer Body and what it really means..

Today on the podcast we have Expert Body-Peace Coach, Nina Manolson.


Nina has a background in Psychology and Massage Therapy and have taken both skill sets to start her own business around creating Body-Peace. This means ending the War with Food and + Body to create MORE body-peace!



The Return Of The Platform Heel!

Today on the podcast we have the inspiring Mauryn Kkira, Shoe Designer of Kkira Feet Shoes!


Designed in Boston, Handmade in Italy, these eclectic shoes are a pair you need in your life!


Live your LIFE in color and wear shoes that make you smile :) 

Why Creating Systems on Automation are SO important for a business

Today meet Systems Expert, Brittany Fank!


Brittany brings her background of Montessori teaching to meet her clients where they're at and customize systems that work for them.

Systems can be simple and they don't have to take forever to create!

Why Join A Real Estate Team?

Ali Joyce, Top Producing Agent in the Boston area is officially launching a team! Why join a real estate team? Tune in to learn more!

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Today on the podcast we have the inspiring Camila Machado, Founder of Camila's Cleaning Service.


We discuss all things Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks. 


If you don't know Camila, she is one amazing business owner who really has made an impact in the Brazilian Community and beyond. Camila continues to inspires women to start their own business, what great customer service and employment looks like and so much more!



Vegan Lifestyle + Fashion Tips

Today on the podcast we have the inspiring Ginger Burr, Image Consultant for over 33 years . 


Ginger has become a Vegan over 18 years ago and discussing how lifestyles have changed over the years, fun facts about veganism, fashion tips and so much more! 

Is ADHD and or a learning disability affecting you personally and professionally?

Today on the podcast we have the inspiring Alex Gilbert!
Alex is a New Yorker, Mets fan, a yogi, and a brunch enthusiast ;)
She also has dyslexia and ADHD.
After spending her career working in leadership development, she decided to start a consulting and coaching business that will help adults with learning disabilities and/or ADHD like herself who have been struggling in their careers.
Today on the podcast we learn all about her business, Cape-Able Consulting, It was created to help people navigate their day-to-day workloads so that they feel supported and are able to reach their highest potential.

Technology is changing the experience for real estate closings!

Today on the podcast we have the inspiring Senior Loan Officer, Judy DiRubio.


Being in the business for 37 years we are so excited to share more about her experience of how much it has changed over the years and what is trending in the real estate market!

The Journey of Postpartum is NOT a FIXED Timeline with Fitness Artist, Penny Meletlidis

Penny is an artist by nature. She has been running her own graphic design business, designing custom invitations for events and also designing marketing collateral and business logos for over a decade! 

Just before the pandemic, She had also become a Fitness Trainer and has been teaching classes at a small barre studio as well as at a boxing studio.

During the pandemic, her design business suffered and she depended on the fitness classes to not only help with bringing in a paycheck but more importantly helped keep her sane!

"As time went on and events were slowly kicking back in, I realized how much I loved and missed designing invitations. So, I decided that I can do all the things! And, with the help of Jackie and NEXT on SCENE, I claimed my spot as a Fitness Artist, where I now help several clients with their custom design needs but also train them in the gym AND in the kitchen!"

Spring + Resort Fashion Trends with One of Boston’s Rising Women Entrepreneurs

Today on the podcast we have the inspiring Shauneen Donlon, Owner of Revel, A lifestyle boutique located in Winchester, MA!
We discuss all things Resort & Spring Trends the vibrant colors, and prints are stunning!
Colors that are bold, brights like yellows, pinks, greens & blues
Wide leg pants or full skirts are strong this season and if a trend doesn’t flatter you or you don’t like it, don’t wear it.  You need to comfortable and feel good when you get dressed every day!

From Radio Host to Top Producing Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker

Who is NEXT? Meet Rockstar Realtor Kim Douglas ! We discuss all about her past life in Radio and of course over the last year buyers have continued to lean more and more on virtual tours! We deep dive into how more consumers are waiving inspections, mortgages, appraisals all in an effort to win the deal ! People are looking for more space, they want to work from home, work out from home, want more outdoor space as it has become increasingly important! 

Meet the Dad changing LIVES for New Moms !

 I am officially BACK from maternity leave and what better way to start my 2022 podcasts with Preg Appetit! 

Preg Appetit is the only customizable nutrition coaching platform for everything Pregnancy and Postpartum!

How to BEST plan for your Financial Future with Certified Financial Planner, Misty Lynch

Today on the podcast meet the fabulous Certified Financial Advisor, Misty Lynch!

"I stopped trying to do things the way most 55+/Male Financial Advisors do and started being myself and helping the high-vibe clients I was drawn to."
Meet an amazing woman making waves in a very male dominated industry!

What is going to happen to real estate market after a record breaking spring and summer?

Today we have Top Producing Realtor in the Boston and Greater Boston Area, Ali Joyce back on the podcast to discuss

What is going to happen to real estate market after a record breaking spring and summer?

Dirrane Sisters‘ Taking Over the Mortgage Industry. Meet Co-founder, Kate Dirrane!

Before creating an extremely successful and growing company with her sister Alex, Kate worked for a private mortgage agency. While she enjoyed her work there, Kate began to look ahead to the future and realized that she wanted to do something a bit different- help more people and families and make a bigger impact on their lives. Kate's father and uncle were in the mortgage world as well so Kate and her sister are in good company!
Kate and Alex, founders of Dirrane Team Lending, are taking over the mortgage industry. Not only do they help people find their future homes, but they do it efficiently and most importantly, the right way.

Life goes on after we crossover and providing comfort is a great source of joy.

Today on the podcast we have the amazing Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Best Selling Author , Spiritual Teacher and Finder of Lost Pets, Medium Mari!

Fall Fashion Trends, Sustainable Fashion and So much MORE!

When you open your closet door, how do you feel?

Today on the podcast we have an amazing Image Consultant BACK on the podcast for over 30 years, Ginger Burr!


Today Ginger talks about Fall Fashion Trends,  Sustainable Fashion and so much more! :) 



Even Law Enforcement, EMS, FIRE need to take back their health! Finding joy in living with Abundant mindset.

Today we have Founder of Excellence in Analytics, Dawn Reeby. Dawn spent 20+ years in law enforcement as a civilian helping to build analytical capacity in hundreds of agencies throughout the country by designing and delivering nationally and internationally certified curriculum, tools, masterminds, etc. - pioneering the analytical field.


Today Dawn shares all about how she has created business to help incorporate more health and wellness into the lives of the Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire employees. 

STEM Education, Parenting and Dr. Seuss getting Cancelled!

Today you get to hear the amazing Best Selling Children's Author Emma Jean share her journey of now on the road to publishing her third book!

Jean realized she wanted young girls to know they don't have to change anything about themselves to pursue careers that might normally have been seen as more male dominated. 

Intuition is an underutilized mental health tool.

Today we have the fabulous Psychotherapist, Energy Healer Michelle Poverman! 

We talk all about how intuition is an underutilized mental health tool , incorporating more energy work and so much more! 

Removing the Stigma of Cosmetic Services with Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Sharon McEntee

Today we have the fabulous Founder of Embody MedSpa, Sharon McEntee! 

Get ready to learn from one of the best in the industry for trends to explore this fall !  

This licensed medical aesthetician with over 25 years experience is one inspiring woman to know!



End The Food and Body Struggle and Start Feeling Good Again!

Think you are overeating? Have anxiety when it comes to social eating? Going through changes within your body? This is not a podcast to MISS to Body-Peace Coach, Nina Manolson!

Mystery Middle Eastern Woman PAVING the way for Women in the Entertainment Industry

Mystery female from the Middle East started Alanod LLC, a Music Production Company!

“Alanod” is a female from the Middle East who owns Alanod LLC. She aims to support new talents who graduated from talent shows and reached the final stage but got rejected. She likes to remain private as of now. She released two songs on her YouTube channel Alanod for two singers from the voice arabi.


The Art of the Interview from Both Sides of The Mic with International Celebrity Henry Weinreich

The Art of the Interview from Both Sides of The Mic, today we discuss how to run a successful and fun podcast from Celebrity Henry Weinreich.


Henry has hosted talk shows, judges Project Runway Australia and interviewed celebrities to all walks of life.

From Corporate America to Launching Your Dream Business..

From Digital Marketing to Home Decor!

Meet Sydney Ortega, As of July 24 2021, this amazing rockstar will have opened her first ever Brick and Mortar Home Decor Store in Beverly, MA! 

Tune into the triumphs, inspirations, lessons learned and so much more!



Anxiety getting the best of you? Get out of your head and into your heart.

Today we have Intuitive and Self Awareness Coach , Connie Kanella Aramento!  Connie works specifically with the overworked, burnt-out, unhappy and successful woman looking to find themselves again.

She also assists organizations that need to incorporate self-awareness, wellbeing, communication, and collaboration in their work to create high-performing teams.


Improve your Gut Health with Dr. Natasha Arora!

Are you struggling with indigestion , food allergies? Dr. Natasha Arora has got you COVERED!! 


Tune in for her tips and tricks and even some fun recipe replacement hacks! 

Branding Photography Importance!

"Trends come and go while a good photograph should last a lifetime." DK

Today we meet Dina K from Dina K Photography! Dina's approach to each shoot with that in mind while listening to client's needs and vision. She's been creating images for her entrepreneur clients for years but only now there is a trending name for it "Branding Photography"!

The Power of Movement/Nutrition and Transition and Boutique Fitness Studios post COVID

Today on the podcast we get inspired by the amazing Jenine Wright, Founder of Fit Life in Melrose and Winchester, MA.


We talk about the importance of incorporating movement, healthy nutrition and how fitness boutique studios have transformed post COVID ;) 


Tune in to get inspired now! 

Let’s Discuss The Humanization of Pet Food & Treats

Today on the podcast we have the talented Director of Happiness and Founder of Einstein Pets, Kelly Ison!

Einstein Pets became a leader in the innovative pet treat category, through distribution networks and customer base expansion focus on meeting the demands of a growing pipeline with a high-quality product offering for discerning partners.


Manjari Saha, Healed Her Skin and LIFE with her OWN Products!

Meet Manjari Saha, the Founder of Mayur Naturals. Talk about one inspiring podcast, tune in to learn more about how Manjari healed her LIFE with her own skincare and beauty products ;) 

Meet one inspiring Rockstar and Filmmaker !

Today on the podcast we are featuring rockstar Actress and Filmmaker , Mary C Ferrara!


Currently working on her latest comedy , Wallie's Gals we learn about what goes into filming, how she got started and so much more :) 

Meet Wife, Mom & Realtor Amanda George!

As a former real estate paralegal, Amanda has a deeper understanding of what goes on between the offer to purchase and closing, thus enabling her to anticipate potential bumps in the road much earlier in the process. This has proven her to be especially useful when dealing with the many relocation clients I have been fortunate to work with.

Having a family of her own, Amanda understands sometimes your schedule isn't your own anymore, which is why I'll always run on your time. She is always a phone call, text, or email away. When you work with Amanda, you aren't just working with a Realtor to sell you a house, you're working with your friend who is dedicated to finding you and your family a place you can truly call home.

Foster Care to ONE INSPIRING Marketing & Branding Expert!

Nipunika has always believed in creating an environment of success, and along the way, she has
defined her unique fingerprint. She now has been working to help other businesses do the same.
With eight years of management, marketing, and brand/buisness development, she has the drive,
the creatives, and the intuition to help identify and build your brand's foundation of success.


Ready to get inspired? Tune in NOW! 

Newest Singer/Songwriter and Real Estate Guru Taking OVER Sydney, Australia and BEYOND!

We discuss all things Sydney Australia today! How Dom has shifted his focus since the pandemic.  Dom believes for the negatives that it has produced, there have been many positives as well.

It has definitely forced him to explore new things, revisit old passions and reconnect/connect with people all around the world.

He met an extremely talented lyricist/poet called Gaynor Fisher from Cambridge, UK. Gaynor and he met through social media when the pandemic kicked off last year and  have since penned close to 20 songs together!

We also get to hear his latest single "Get Me Outta Here" !!

Bringing LIFE back to Hospitality with Co-Founders of LIFE The Place To Be in Ardsley, New York.

Meet Steven and Sharon Zukerman, The Co-Founders of LIFE The Place To Be. They also happen to be Jackie's brother and sister in law. Unfortunately due to COVID had a bit of a rough patch but on the episode they share advice and insight to inspire any other business owners who have gone through a rough patches as well. 


Tune in to learn about new ways to pivot with everyone else, new ideas for revenue streams, connect and collaborate!

Zac Clark & Justin Gurland Discuss Mental Health & Sobriety

Meet the two fabulous faces behind Release Recovery.  They are dedicated to helping clients build a strong foundation in early recovery. Through our individualized program of intensive support and supervision, we guide clients toward a life of accountability. Our clients learn to make purposeful decisions while exploring their passions and potentials. We provide 24/7 supervision in the first month of residency—the safety of our clients is tantamount to their success, and our staff will always provide transportation—and offer full, structured days of volunteer work, recovery meetings, and group activities. Through our individualized 4 Tier recovery program, clients will learn to nurture their recoveries, gain the skills to pursue their ambitions, explore healthy and productive outlets for self-growth, and ultimately practice sustainable self-sufficiency. Release is more than just a place to live. Release is a community dedicated to helping clients discover their potentials and live their best lives.


Zac & Justin are also on NEXTonSCENE's latest magazine cover!!! 

Former homeless foster kid turned successful personal trainer, meet Jesse Setaro

Today on the podcast we get inspired as Jesse was a former homeless foster kid who turned into a successful personal trainer,!

Embracing Yourself Through Art with Diana Stelin

Diana creates conversations between reality and abstraction. Her palette knife paintings have been on display at corporate spaces like Google and Novartis. Stelin's work is notable for its "melting'' elements on canvas. She also has amazing clientele from Kayne West and beyond! 

William Raveis Newest Residential Real Estate Agent & Are we entering into a 2021 Real Estate Bubble?

Today we are so excited to have ROCKSTAR real estate agent, Ali Joyce BACK on the podcast !! 

Ali recently transferred agencies and is now at WILLIAM RAVEIS! 

Today she discusses all about transitioning AND the 2021 Real Estate Market , Are we entering into a real estate bubble?

It’s Time to Nominate for The Power of Women Awards January 30, 2021

Meet Latina Award Winning Entrepreneur and Founder of Creative Woman and Creative Admin, Vanessa Farino. 

Vanessa always believes in paying it forward. She realized there aren't enough nominations and awards out there for Creative Women !

She wanted to create a safe space where women felt encouraged to vote for one another and even themselves. To be acknowledged for all our hard work is something we should continue to embrace and showcase!

The Portrayal/Stereotypes of women in their 50s, 60s and 70s.


Have you met Personal transformation consultant and buster of the myths that accompany the different chapters of women's lives....Diane Amelia Read?! 

Talk about an inspiring woman who is taking off her FIRST online course !

Creating your 2021 personal transformation through her ULTIMATE tool box including: Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset and Financial Freedom!

Let's create it together and don't hesitate to reach out!



How To Make Money Through Emails with Marketing and Media Expert, Jackie Zuk

Today our founder had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by another Personal Branding Expert, Christina Frei, Founder of Innate Marketing Genius! 


Our Founder Jackie Zuk was interviewed by this rockstar to share her amazing wins through Email Marketing ;) 


If you liked this podcast we want to hear from you on marketing topics you want to learn more about!!


Also definitely check out and follow Christina Frei!! :) 


Get more nutritious fruits and veggies into your families bodies this holiday season!

"Did you know only 11% of the population gets the recommended amount of raw fruits and veggies on a regular basis. They are important for everything to repair our bodies and our cells." Lisa Swift

Weddings and the 2020 Pandemic with World Renown Bridal Designer, Michelle Roth

With three-generations of bridal gown designers ,Michelle Roth is one of the most celebrated gown creators based and featured at Kleinfeld in Manhattan.

Michelle Roth has been featured on Good Morning America, Say Yes to the Dress, The View, and Entertainment Tonight. Her American and International broadcasting portfolio includes podcasts such as Planet Bride and Next on Scene. Her gowns are also featured in leading online and print magazines and publications.

Michelle Roth is a go-to bridal gown resource who champions individuality and the beauty of the female silhouette. Her gowns now reflect emotions such as passion, romance, confidence, strength and intimacy as part of her new categorization which is fully reflected in her new collection.

Michelle is also launching her new accessories collection at her December 22-27 Trunk Show.

Michelle Roth gowns are featured on ( and gowns that she co-designs with her brother are on ( Born in Sydney Australia, and a resident in Manhattan for most of her life she has an Honors degree in Political Science from the University of Sydney and also worked at the Australian Consulate at the Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Michelle Roth personally embraces the incredible work at St.Mary’s Healthcare System for Children in Bayside, Queens.

Michelle Roth loves engaging on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest @michellerothbrides.


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