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Get more nutritious fruits and veggies into your families bodies this holiday season!

"Did you know only 11% of the population gets the recommended amount of raw fruits and veggies on a regular basis. They are important for everything to repair our bodies and our cells." Lisa Swift

Weddings and the 2020 Pandemic with World Renown Bridal Designer, Michelle Roth

With three-generations of bridal gown designers ,Michelle Roth is one of the most celebrated gown creators based and featured at Kleinfeld in Manhattan.

Michelle Roth has been featured on Good Morning America, Say Yes to the Dress, The View, and Entertainment Tonight. Her American and International broadcasting portfolio includes podcasts such as Planet Bride and Next on Scene. Her gowns are also featured in leading online and print magazines and publications.

Michelle Roth is a go-to bridal gown resource who champions individuality and the beauty of the female silhouette. Her gowns now reflect emotions such as passion, romance, confidence, strength and intimacy as part of her new categorization which is fully reflected in her new collection.

Michelle is also launching her new accessories collection at her December 22-27 Trunk Show.

Michelle Roth gowns are featured on ( and gowns that she co-designs with her brother are on ( Born in Sydney Australia, and a resident in Manhattan for most of her life she has an Honors degree in Political Science from the University of Sydney and also worked at the Australian Consulate at the Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Michelle Roth personally embraces the incredible work at St.Mary’s Healthcare System for Children in Bayside, Queens.

Michelle Roth loves engaging on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest @michellerothbrides.


Making custom tangible products from any drawing or photo!

Today on the podcast we have the fabulous founder behind Budsies® !

Founded by Alex Furmansky in August 2013, they are a South Florida-based company that brings artwork to life!

Budsies are beautiful custom-sewn stuffed animals created from any drawing or photo. 

Alex has been featured on Shark Tank and his company has been highlighted in media ALL over the country and beyond from New York Times, BuzzFeed, O, the Oprah Magazine, CNBC, and numerous other media mentions!

Whether artwork, people, or pets: they want to make the world more huggable! 

Dog Training Tips and Tricks & Holiday Gift ideas :)

Today we get inspired by the fabulous Dog Trainer behind Leather Unleashed, Patty Burns!


"Patty has been training dogs for almost 25 years. The one constant accessory she always used on her path helping owners and dogs is her trusty leather leash. Her first leather leash lasted many years until a mischievous puppy spent a few minutes teething its way through it."


Patty created Leather Unleashed with her brother where a whim became a passion to create accessories for the whole family!

"After realizing the quality and strength of the leash, Patty decided to start making leather leashes and collars for pets with her family; the business grew in scope from there."

Styling in a Virtual World with Image Consultant for over 33 years, Ginger Burr!

Who is ready to learn from the BEST of the BEST who has really learned to turn more than 50% of her business of being in person to now mainly VIRTUAL! :)

Ginger is so inspiring and talented, we are so excited for you to learn from her! 

Meet Wellness & Personal Chef who works with Professional Athletes & Beyond!

Today we are so excited to introduce you to Yvette Taylor!  Yvette is a Wellness & Personal Chef, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Fitness Competitor and SO MUCH MORE!


We had so much fun! Get ready to get inspired! 

On Demand Hair and Makeup ? Yes PLEASE!

Today on the podcast we bring on Leila Halabi, the founder of Shimmered Beauty! Leila and her team offer mobile beauty services with flexible hours. This allows scheduling freedom for their clients!
Their concierge-like communication and booking system they have in place, allows for their clients to direct message or call for appointments. Leila and her team finds this take a mediocre experience to luxury one!
Today on the podcast we also talk about how COVID has affected the wedding market and beauty industry...

One amazing Veteran Talk Show Host you need to know.

Today on the podcast we are SOO excited to share our amazing and inspiring guest, David Johnson! David is one AMAZING Veteran TV Talk show host you need to know!
David wanted to create a platform for Veterans to share their stories and beyond. After finding this passion, David founded Promotion Board Media to build a tribe of Veteran Content Creators. David' Show The David Johnson Show" is proudly brought to you by Promotion Board Media.

Meet the FIRST Cable TV Woman Talk Show Host in America!

Nikki Haskell is ONE rockstar!! :)


She was the FIRST Cable TV Talk Show Host running The Nikki Haskell Show, She has also has invented so many amazing products, creating documentaries and so much more!! 

Meet Jason Oppenheim from Selling Sunset

Who is ready to meet the President and Founder of Selling Sunset? How to run a successful brokerage, how COVID has affected buyers behaviors and so much more! Who is Jason behind the Camera?

Meet Amanza Smith from Selling Sunset

What interior design trends are happening for this season? This rockstar is one amazing mom building a true empire!


Get inspired by Amanza Smith behind Selling Sunset !

Who is Mary Fitzgerald behind Selling Sunset?

Today we are SOO excited and honored to start with our SELLING SUNSET Series of Becoming NEXTonSCENE podcasts leading up to our magazine Launch this OCTOBER 20TH! :)


We learn so much about Mary this episode! Not only how she got intro real estate but what her and Romain have been up to, her latest deals, most memorable ones and balancing life through it ALL !!

Declutter Tips and Tricks for your 2020

Are you stressed out with your unorganized home?

You are NOT ALONE!! Today on the podcast, meet Lady M's Organizing Founder , Fabiana Marangon!
On the podcast, we learn all about some tips and tricks to stay organized this season WHILE ALSO learning how this rockstar got inspired to start her own business!

Meet Bicoastal Fashion Stylist & Costume Designer for TV shows & Advertising, as well as a Personal Stylist and Style Expert!

So excited to introduce you to Darshan Gress! Darshan is a long term friend of Jackie from Top Chef Boston!
Darshan is a bicoastal Fashion Stylist & Costume Designer for TV shows & Advertising, as well as a Personal Stylist and Style Expert!
Today on the podcast we learn all about the world of fashion going more virtual and less direct contact. For Darshan virtual communication has become fascinating and navigating her career which is a whole new world for her!


Bookkeeping tips and tricks to running a biz

Today meet Beckie Rosenberg, founder of Balanced Office Solutions. She’s a  bookkeeping and business operations expert with over 15 years of experience in the small business sector. Beckie helps her clients streamline their bookkeeping, finances, and operations so they can reach big goals. She’s super down-to-earth, into random acts of kindness, and immediately disproves the myth that bookkeepers are boring, quiet, or dry!. Whether you are super-organized or completely clueless, she will get you on track with no-nonsense, judgment-free support. Welcome, Beckie!



Real Estate Market and COVID-19!

Meet Residential Real Estate Agent Steven Kenny sharing ALL the tips and tricks for getting the best bang for your buck during COVID AND of course inspiring us all through the process! 

How has COVID affected your marketing?

Today on the podcast we discuss all things social media and PR while spotlighting the amazing New York Publicist and Founder of Bklyn Nite Media!

Don’t Be Afraid To Say YES with Relationship Expert Dani Rocco

Who is NEXT? Dani Rocco! Dani is an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and has an unshakable drive and passion to assist you in becoming the person you most want to be!


Dani is known for being a Relationship Coach, Author, Public Speaker, Life Insurance Consultant. Talk about a serial entrepreneur doing it ALL!

Readjusting to COVID-19 With Virtual Therapist Bonnie Wims

Coping with the unknown and uncertain future has required everyone to change course and "pivot". With this comes a mindset shift that requires us all to work on ourselves.

Two amazing Latinas Bringing Culture and Community back to Minorities

When a Venezuela & Los Angeles LATINAS UNITE-- Miracles Happen!! Who is ready to learn about  two amazing Latinas Bringing Culture and Community back to Minorities?!

What we learn about on the podcast today was all about the hardships they have go through to launch their show, the discussion of bringing more light and love to the Latina and Minority Communities AND some more about their inspirations about how they got to where they are today!


Who is NEXT to have on your RADAR? Andrèa Bernholtz!
Newly launching an eco-friendly GORGEOUS swimwear line called SWIMINISTA, Andrèa is ALSO known for co-founding the luxury denim line Rock & Republic in 2002!  
Andrèa had helped to transform the Rock & Republic into a celebrity favorite and globally recognized name offering cosmetics, accessories, and clothing!
Her latest venture features chic swimwear that combines her love of fashion, swimming, and the environment.

Newborn Care Tips & Tricks with Newborn Care Specialist Erin Carroll Manning

Looking for a ONE STOP SHOP for Newborn Care needs? Gentle Giraffes is ONE amazing small business to have in your back pocket! From Doulas, Lactation Specialists, Baby Gift Registry, Post Partum Doulas, Newborn Photography, Nutrition, Pregnancy Workouts-- Gentle Giraffes offers it ALL! 

Yvette Lloyd is one AMAZING black woman changing LIVES for young women in Ohio.

Are you ready to get inspired? 

Yvette not only has a DAY named after her in Ohio, she was raised by a powerful mother with full of wisdom. She always taught her how to love and cherish every moment of life. Since a young child, she always wanted to make a difference and be different from people she was surrounded by growing up. Children are her passion and once she saw the reality to parenting she wanted to start helping adults.

Think BIG and going for media coverage with Susie Moore!

This rockstar Advice Columnist and Confidence Coach originally was working for a tech start-up when she started her side hustle of writing for publications. 

Susie's FIRST article she ever submitted got over 4,000 hits and from then on it was HISTORY to continue to pursue her dream of writing and inspiring. 

Susie to this day has been published in OVER 300 publications including and The Today Show to name a few..


Did you know May is Maternal Mental Health month?

Today on the podcast we discuss bringing awareness to Maternal Mental Health, to share that if you are mom especially during COVID you are NOT alone!

For those of you who haven't heard of 2020 Mom, they are a nonprofit that works to close gaps in the maternal mental health care system. They also host the official national maternal mental health awareness week campaign under our awareness brand TheBlueDotProject. The Blue Dot is the universal symbol for maternal mental health awareness.


Minority Woman Owned Business giving back to LUPUS and Taking OVER the Organic beauty industry!

Who is NEXT?! Peeks Cosmetics! This rockstar owner Latasha Mcrae started an amazing beauty line as the FIRST in her family to start her own business!

In honor of Lupus Awareness Month and for her mom she gives back a percentage of one of her lines to the organization. 

Meet Monica M. Bijoux, Founder & CEO of DECIDE TO MOVE, Podcast Host, Int’l Speaker, Author, & Trainer who help her clients get back into the game.

Monica, the founder and CEO of Decide to Move LLC. Business Owners and Entrepreneurs hire her to help them boost their success, increase financial wealth, and truly live a life of freedom She does this through coaching, online programs, masterminds, and live events. She will create a customized plan for you based on your personality, strengths, and desired destination.

Linda Collins accepts the “Best International Film” award!

On the podcast today we learned so much about short film documentaries, what inspired her to become an actress, director, how COVID-19 is affecting the industry, her advice on how to prep for a casting and MUCH more! 

#GIRLBOSS spreading and raising awareness GLOBALLY

Talk about a multi talented rockstar.. SHABRANAE the founder of Anchor'd Inc. Is ONE to know.

She is writing her first book, has a home collection and full online boutique which gives back a percentage to sex trafficking survivors

She is teaching entrepreneurs how to raise capital 

Can we say more?! TUNE IN NOW! 

Beauty Consultant and Networker you NEED in your life NOW!

Who is NEXT?! Diana Aliberti!
Diana is a Senior Sales Director & An Independent Beauty Consultant at Mary Kay!
This year to day 21 years in the business, Diana has earned her amazing customized Mary Kay pink Cadillac!

One Energetic Bilingual Actress Inspiring ALL AGES!

Deborah is known for her starring and supporting roles in “Footsteps” and “Footsteps 2” on PBS, the film “You and Your Decisions”, and countless national Theater productions! This energetic bilingual Panamanian American performer has been acting and dancing in theater/television for over 30 years! 

Who’s got the 411? JUDI 411

YES you read that right, today on the podcast we interview the inspiring JUDI 411!
Judi is a storyteller and writing problem solver! She helps business owners get their story out of their head, on to the page, and into the world!

Ready for some laughs? DEF CHIME in and GET INSPIRED. 

The Importance Of Building Relationships Online

During times like these, if you are not starting to build relationships online, NOW is the time! :) 

What’s NEXT: The Sweat Republic Community’s International Women’s Day Luncheon

Founded by Julie M. Costa, The Sweat Republic is a community connecting fitness and wellness pros so they can collaborate and grow their businesses!

This amazing event brought in 200 women in the room inspiring one another. There was also an awesome vendor market, speaker panel, photo booth with our favorites at Level Up Your Selfie, headshots and so much more.. This is an event to put on your radar!

Getting Dressed Shouldn’t Stress You OUT!

Who is NEXT? Image Consultant, Ginger Burr! Ginger has been helping women over 40 transform their lives and build their confidence through their wardrobe and personal style for over the past 30+ years! 

This NEXT Image Consultant, based in Massachusetts is an image consultant for people all over the world from not only the states but to Singapore, New Zealand and MORE !


Ready to get inspired?! This is ONE podcast to listen to! 

NEXT Latina Influencer/Coach on the RISE!

Who is NEXT?! Ariadna Arredondo! Ariadna is the founder of The Always Believer blog, podcast and community.
Ariadna LOVES to help people, make them laugh and feel wanted. She knows you deserve to shine and follow your passion. This is what she is  all about, plus telling you the truth you want to hear.

NEXT Latina Radio Host taking OVER the Miami Entrepreneur Community

Who is NEXT? GiGi Diaz! This serial entrepreneur and iHeartRadio personality in multiple markets is ONE to know!!
Today on the podcast we learn from this gorgeous inspiration on TOP THREE ways to change your mindset to not only turn your day around but change your LIFE.


NEXT Real Estate Agent taking over BOSTON

Aren't you ready to learn about real estate trends for 2020? Ali Joyce is one rockstar to know. Ali is not only top in her company with Jack Conway, she has made 20 million in sales in 2019! Aren't you ready to learn how to STAND OUT in your field, trends for real estate for the next couple of months and MORE. 

Who’s NEXT?! Miss America 2020!

Let's learn all about our new Miss America 2020 who is crowning the 100th anniversary of MISS AMERICA! It's no longer just about beauty and confidence it's about Beauty BRAINS and Confidence!! 

What is NEXT at Mohegan Sun? Sun Wine & Food Festival Exclusive Celebrity Chef Interviews!

What's NEXT at Mohegan Sun?! Tune in to hear from Celebrity Chefs like Todd English, Ralph Scamardella & Ben Robinson! 

Words that SELL with Style is AVAILABLE FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD JAN 28 2020!

Dr. Nancy Zare is BACK to share her new amazing launch on how to TEACH YOU WORDS THAT SELL WITH STYLE! Whether you are in business or corporate if you are selling anything THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! 

Cooking with Essential Oils is WHERE IT’S AT!

Who is NEXT?! Lauren D'Agostino! Lauren is a Private Plant-Based Chef, Intuitive Cooking Coach, Speaker, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Scout & Cellar Wine Consultant & Cookbook Author!

 Talk about ONE rockstar to know, Lauren just launched her FIRST cook book showcasing some incredible eats with ESSENTIAL OILS!

How can you STAND OUT when so many people are in the same field of work as YOU?

Jackie will becoming on more regularly with solo podcasts on UPLEVELING your confidence, social media tips and how to GET yourself out there despite discomfort! Today is all about How to STAND OUT and owning your AUTHENTICITY! 

2020 is not only about getting in shape, its about the MINDSET behind it!

BECOMING NEXTonSCENE today features Naomi Rotstein! Naomi has been a Certified Personal Trainer in Boston for the past 9 years.  She holds her BS in Exercise Science from Ithaca College, Precision Nutrition Certified, and a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Naomi is also the host of her podcast, 1FitFoodie: For Entrepreneurs Who Hustle, where she sits down with local entrepreneurs, business owners and those extremely well known in the fitness, nutrition and wellness industry to talk about their successes, road blocks and the hustle that made these humans some of the most well known in the fitness and wellness industry

Crystal Energy Healer doing incredibly AWESOME stuff for the Environment through UPCYCLED Clothing this 2020!

Over the past 18 years, Rae has concentrated on deepening her practice through Extensive Chakra Clearing, Energy Work, Intuitive Development and Crystal Energy Healing.  She has cultivated a clear understanding of the importance of inner soul healing, emotional balance and clarity in order to achieve one’s truest real life potential. It is that which she realized her life's awaken others with enlightenment to feel and know the magic of this journey we call life AND creating her own clothing line Hogwash N'Rhinestones. 

Who is READY to DECLUTTER their 2020? TV Talk Show & Podcaster Declutterista Becky Bast has got YOU covered!

"Make your space work for you - not against you!" On today's podcast TV Talk Show Host & Podcaster Becky Bast shares with us How to Declutter your LIFE this 2020, her latest TV show and much more!  

Henry Weinreich is a go-to lifestyle and fashion authority, fashion designer, all-around media personality and NOW AN AUTHOR!

Henry on the podcast teaches us all about the ins and outs of publishing a book, the ups and the downs, and to appreciate the little things because one day they will be BIG THINGS!

NEXTonSCENE: TV Host & Producer, Michelle Sofi

Who is ready to get inspired by this rockstar changing the world through sharing messaging for non profits & sharing insight on her fabulous life and how she got to where she is! 

What is your personality style?

Have you ever thought when it comes to sales that the person you might be selling to communicates and interprets things completely different from you?

This not only affects our business life but also our personal lives. 


Who is excited to learn from The amazing PSYCHOLOGIST Dr. Nancy Zare. Nancy took her Psychology background and turned it into becoming an incredible Sales Coach.

Our Founder has been working with her for over a year and the changes she has see in in her business are substantial! Get ready for some laughs and to get inspired! 

To workout or To Podcast? The Struggle is REAL!

To workout or To Podcast? The Struggle is REAL.



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